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Société Anonyme LA KASSAIENNE



The La Kassaïenne was incorporated on January 27, 1898 with a capital of 150,000 francs represented by 750 shares of 200 francs each. The registered office was established in Brussels.

In addition, 3,750 wdvwithout designation of value dividend-right shares were created, of which 2,625 were allocated to Mr. Richard Vlemincx, as remuneration for his studies, relations established and preparatory work for the formation and organization of this company. The remaining 1,125 dividend-right shares were allocated to the subscribers of the 750 shares, in proportion to the number of shares subscribed by each of them and remained attached to the stock until after the shares had been fully paid up. In addition, after they have been fully paid up, the 750 shares will be entitled to dividends.

Prior to the full redemption of the shares, the dividend-right shares will not be entitled to vote at the General Meeting.

After full repayment of the share capital by way of redemption, the company's existence will be represented by 4,500 profit sharing certificates of equal value and rights. No more profit-sharing certificates may be created.

The 750 shares shall be subscribed for as follows by:

Richard Vlemincx, 100 shares; Henri Bossut, 10 shares; Mrs De Rongé, née Goffin, 50 shares; Georges Fribourg, 62 shares; Paul Gilain, 50 shares; Auguste Marchant, 35 shares; Jules Milz, 163 shares; Edouard Paul, 115 shares; Emile Polak, 15 shares; Auguste Staes, 25 shares; Alphonse Worms, 125 shares.

A payment of one third was made on each of these shares by the subscribers, i.e. a total of BEF 50,000.

First Board of Directors

The number was set for the first time at three, namely: Emile Polak, Richard Vlemincx and Alphonse Worms.


Establishment of coffee and other crops in the Congo, sale, exchange, purchase of indigenous and Belgian products, exploitation of the products of the Congo; establishment of factories and establishments where it deems it suitable and useful in Belgium, the Congo and all other European countries, for the sale, exchange or processing of these products, or acquisition of existing establishments.

To take an interest, by way of sale, contribution, or any other means, in any companies or similar enterprises.

To be able to merge with other establishments or companies having a similar purpose to its own, by way of contribution or otherwise (12-(11/02/1898)-508).

Event(s), participation(s), dividend(s)

The Company obtained a concession in the Kasai (25/159)

In 1901, it took part in the creation of the Compagnie du Kasai and subscribed to 75 shares (9/11).

In July 1905, the Company redeemed the 750 shares at BEF 120 per share, and they were fully amortized. All the shares were replaced by dividend-right shares, i.e. 4,500. Following this change, the distribution of profits was as follows: 10% to the administration and 90% to the 4,500 shares (21-(1906 T1)-664). No further information until the liquidation of the Company.


Year ended 1904 1905 1906

Shares    13     18      9(1)

Units        5     12      9

(1) Plus BEF 120 as a capital repayment, off-balance sheet (21-(1909 T1)-835)

Dissolution and liquidation

At the end of these 30 years of existence, the EGM decided, on January 19, 1928, to dissolve the Company and proceeded to its liquidation (12-(04/03/1928)-2331).


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