Compagnie de Plantations de Cafés et d'Exploitations Forestières à Stanleyville - CAFEGAS S.C.R.L.




The S.C.R.L. CAFEGAS was incorporated on October 20, 1928, the registered office was established in Stanleyville and its administrative headquarters in Brussels.

The share capital was set at 8.5 million francs and was represented by 34,000 shares with a capital of 250 francs. In addition, 6,500 founder's shares were created without designation of value, which could be divided into tenths.

The 28,800 capital shares were subscribed by 19 comparators:

1° The Banque de l'Union Bruxelloise, 13,420 paid-up shares of more than 30%; 2° Mr. Goldzieher and Mr. Penso, 400 paid-up shares of 50%; 3° Mr. Hauquier, 10.040 actions libérées de plus de 35% ; 4° Mr. Sury, 200 actions ; 5° M. Weber, 2.000 actions ; 6° Mr. Steyaert, 800 actions ;7° Mr. le baron Janssen, 400 actions ; 8° Mr. Van Werveke, 360 actions ; 9° M. Duquenne, 240 actions ; 10° M. Morisseaux, 200 actions ; 11° Mrs. Auguste Poncelet, 160 actions ; 12° Mr. Marcotti, 140 shares; 13° Mr. Georges Gaspar, 100 shares; 14° Mr. Jooris, 100 shares; 15° Mr. Viscount Berryer, 80 shares; 16° Mr. Baels, 40 shares; 17° Mr. Tschoffen, 40 shares; 18° Mr. Robert, 40 shares; 19° Mr. Philippot, 40 shares; 4° to 19°, i.e. 4,940 shares were released by 20%.

The total sum of 2,322,000 francs was made available to the Company.

Mr. and Mrs. René Gaspar-Poncelet, in remuneration of the contributions referred to below, received:

a) A cash sum of 1,300,000 francs.

b) 5,200 shares of 250 francs, fully paid up.

c) 2,150 founder's shares or possibly 21,500 tenths of founder's shares.

The remaining 4,350 founder's shares were distributed to the subscribers in accordance with their special agreements.


Mr. René Gaspar and his wife Mrs. Anne-Marie brought in:

The benefit of all emphyteutic and other lease agreements, granted to them by the government of the Belgian Congo colony, relating to 994 hectares of land, including forestry, coffee trees, food crops and land for the establishment of palm groves.

Preparatory work, bush clearing and land clearing which was carried out for the establishment of palm groves.

60,000 one- to two-year old coffee trees and 40,000 coffee trees in a nursery.

Various fully furnished residential houses.

Carpentry workshops, six wooden sheds, a chapel, a school and tools for sawyers and carpenters, Decauville wagons and miscellaneous.

Mr. René Gaspar's experience and connections in the colony.

The exclusive benefit of negotiations with various settlers in the surrounding area (Memoir).

First Board of Directors

The first board was set at eleven directors:

Messrs. Jacques Morisseaux, René Gaspar, Viscount Berryer, Fernand Sury, General Baron Tombeur de Tabora, Colonel Louis Chaltin, Paul Tschoffen, Georges Gaspar, Pierre Van Werveke and a provisionally reserved mandate as director (12-(19/12/1928)-16343).


The purpose of the Company was to undertake all agricultural, forestry, mining, industrial and commercial operations in the colony of Belgian Congo and incidentally in regions where tropical crops could be advantageously exploited.

It could acquire an interest by way of contribution, merger, subscription, participation, financial intervention or otherwise in all existing or future companies and enterprises whose purpose would be similar or related or which would be likely to facilitate the achievement of its corporate purpose or the sale of its products.

Change(s) in capital

On February 24, 1930, the EGM accepted the offer made by a debtor to deliver to the company 8,000 shares of 250 francs each and 15,289 tenths of the founder's share in the company "Cafegas", in payment of a sum of 2 million francs. As a result of this offer, the share capital of 8.5 million francs was reduced to 6.5 million francs by cancelling the 8,000 shares and 15,289 tenths of the founder's share (12-(16/03/1930)-2947).


On March 3, 1949, the Company was dissolved and put into liquidation (12-(31/03/1949)-4825), there were two cash repayments*

* Stamps on the title capital share.


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