Agricongo was incorporated on July 26, 1928 with a capital of BEF 1.5 million represented by 6,000 shares with a capital of BEF 250; in addition, 6,000 founder's shares without designation of value were created which were allocated to Mr. Georges Tourtchaninoff and Robert de Valck in remuneration for their studies, work, steps, expenses, disbursements and others, both in Belgium and in Africa; with a view to the creation of the projected company and with a view to arriving at the constitution of the present company. Its registered office was established in Zaïla (Kilometer 234 of the B.C.K.) Lomami and its administrative headquarters in Brussels (1).


The development, through cultivation, of land in the settlements and especially the creation and operation of a farm in the Lomami district, along the Bas-Congo-Katanga railway (B.C.K.).

All exploitation, in Belgian Congo, Belgium or in any country, of land, forests, plantations, crops, crops, livestock, industries generally of any kind, mines, quarries and the like, especially the logging and agricultural development of land in the colony which the company may acquire, lease, exchange or otherwise obtain in any manner whatsoever in the following (1).


Modification and transformation of capital

On February 5, 1930, the capital was increased by one million Belgian francs through the creation of 4,000 shares of BEF 250, the capital of BEF 2.5 million was represented by 10,000 shares with a capital of BEF 250 (1).

Dissolution, closure

After seven years of existence, the EGM of May 15, 1935 decided to dissolve the Company and proceed with its liquidation (12-(08/06/1935)-8951).


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