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The Compagnie Commerciale des Colonies S.A. was established on December 14, 1899. The head office was established in Antwerp.

The share capital was set at 1,500,000 francs and was represented by 3,000 shares of 500 francs, which were subscribed by 18 shareholders:

Mr. Paul Osterrieth, 450; the firm Osterrieth & Co., 400; the Antwerp Company of Colonial and Industrial Enterprises, 400; Mrs. Ern Ern. Osterrieth, 200; Messrs. Alfred Osterrieth, 200; Louis- M.-L. Gielis, 200; Alph. Lambrechts, 200; le Comptoir Colonial français, in Paris, 200 (21-(1900 T1)-81).


The contribution of the rubber department Louis M.-L. Gielis (of the firm Osterrieth & Cie) was made without remuneration (21-(1900 T1)-81).

Board of Directors 

Directors: Herm Osterrieth, H. Albert de Barry, Ed. de Roubaix, Aug. Grisar, God. Vic. Meer, Gabriel Trarieux, Alfred Osterrieth.
Auditors: Aug. De Laveleye-Lynen, Léon Fuchs, Georges Kirsten. 


To take over the rubber department of Osterrieth & Co., founded by Louis M.-L. Gielis, and to continue the business. To trade in import and export in general, as well as all operations of banking, commission, industrial, mining, forestry, agricultural and other companies, in all countries.

Change(s) in capital, event(s), dividend(s)

1903 - In addition to its operations in Africa, the Company established agencies, notably in the Far East, India, the Levant, etc., to develop its import and export operations on a commission basis (21-(1907 T1)-407). 

1905 - On June 8, 1905, the capital was reduced to 1 million francs represented by 2,000 shares of 500 francs each, and the shares were represented by the withdrawal of one out of three shares (21-(1906 T1)-50). 

1906 - The results for 1905 were satisfactory and the future looked bright; a first dividend of 25 francs was distributed (21-(1907 T1) -407). 

1907 - Operations in China and South Africa raised fears of losses that could absorb and exceed the profits of the year 1006. The Company remained highly active and better results were expected in the future (21-(1908 T1)-549). 

1908 - The fiscal year 1907 ended in a loss, 592,950.96 francs had to be written off; the reserves were only 199,202.74 francs. In view of the figures, the Company was dissolved (21-(1909 T1)-46).

Dissolution and liquidation 

The Company was dissolved on June 11, 1908 and put into liquidation (21-(1909 T1)-46).

According to the stamps affixed to the title, there would have been two reimbursements for a total of 50 francs.


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