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The L’Entreprise Africaine was incorporated on June 14, 1900, the capital was set at 1 million francs and was represented by 10,000 preference shares of 100 francs. In addition, 10,000 founder's shares were created. The head office was established in Brussels.

The 10,000 preference shares were subscribed by 154  shareholders 

The shares were paid up by 10% and a sum of 100,000 francs was made available to the Company. Regarding the founder's shares, 5,000 shares were distributed to the subscribers based on 1 founder share for 2 preference shares, the other 5,000 were allocated to Mr. Jules Legros for contributions.


The 5,000 founder's shares were granted as a special benefit to Mr. Jules Legros in representation of the contracts obtained, studies, plans, disbursements made, both to arrive at the constitution and organization of the Company and to ensure its immediate activity in various important matters. Mr. Legros also undertook to manage the operations of the Company for a minimum term of five years.


In principal, the study and development of all commercial and industrial enterprises in Africa and, possibly, in the colonies of all countries, construction, transport, navigation and all other enterprises, and this within the widest limits.
To carry out its object either by directly operating, or by retroceding or leasing the enterprises it has acquired, or by contributing them or transferring them to companies which have been or are to be incorporated, or by participating by subscription in the organization of such companies, or by taking an interest in the development of such companies, or by incorporating such companies itself;
To take charge of the financial services of the companies it sponsored or of any other companies.
To carry out all operations, whatever their nature and character, which may have the direct effect of facilitating the development of its object.
To carry out these operations either for its own account and in its own name, or in the name of third parties and for the account of third parties or in participation with them.
Be able to merge with other companies (12-(02-05/07/1900) -3392).


The Company had offices in Boma, it undertook the loading and unloading of ships in the ports of Bas-Congo, it took care of storage and transport, the purchase and sale of real estate, and the undertaking of public and private works. It had a regular service for the transport of sailing ships in Bas-Congo and on the coast (21-(1901 T1) -70).

Dissolution and liquidation 

The L’Entreprise Africaine was dissolved and put into liquidation on March 12, 1904; the loss again amounted to more than 700,000 francs in the 1903 balance sheet (21-(1905 T1) -54).


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