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The Compagnie des Cafés du Congo Belge "CONACO" was incorporated on February 22, 1929 with a capital of 5 million francs represented by 10,000 shares of 500 francs; in addition, 5,000 founder's shares were created which could be divided into tenths of a share. The registered office was established in Leopoldville, the administrative headquarters in Antwerp. 

The 10,000 shares were subscribed in cash by: 

Messrs. Louis van der Auwera for himself and a group, 7,870 shares; Louis-Pierre Kermans for himself and a group, 1. 004 shares; Herman-Jacques-Louis Kermans for himself and a group, 556 shares; Auguste Schröder, 100 shares; Louis Royaux, 30 shares; Louis-Henri Smolders, 100 shares; Albert-Percy Steer, 100 shares; Ernest-Jacob Luyckx, 50 shares; Alphonse-Corneille Kermans, 50 shares; Albert Versichel, 24 shares; Guillaume Lagrange, 30 shares; Willy Devos, 30 shares; Pierre Varlez, 30 shares; Maurice Vande Velde, 16 shares; Alick Lejeune, 10 shares. 

The subscribed shares were paid up by 20% and a sum of one million francs was made available to the company. 

The 5,000 founder's shares were distributed to the subscribers based on one share for every two shares of 500 francs.


First Board of Directors 

The first Board of Directors was set at 6 members: 

Louis-Pierre Kermans, Louis van der Auwera, Auguste Schröder, Louis Oyaux, Herman-Jacques-Louis Kermans, Robert-Wallace Forbes.


Especially everything that had to do in the colony of the Belgian Congo and abroad, with the purchase and sale and its industry, as well as the wholesale and retail trade of all articles, colonial and other products, either on its behalf or on behalf of third parties.
The purchase, sale, lease of land, the application and development of land concessions and the exploitation of plantations in the colony of Belgian Congo.
The organization in the said colony of the Belgian Congo of all means and enterprises of transport likely to facilitate its supplies and the disposal of its products.
To be able to take an interest, by way of subscription, financial or other participation, by way of contribution or merger, in any companies or enterprises created or to be created and whose object would be analogous or related to that of the Company CONACO (12-(08-09/04/1929)-4691). 

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