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Comptoirs du Katanga S.A.


The Comptoirs du Katanga Company was incorporated on March 22, 1911, the head office was established in Brussels.

The share capital of BEF 500,000, 20% paid up, represented by 5,000 shares with a capital of BEF 100, was subscribed by 54 shareholders:

MESSRS. Louis Criquillion, 490 shares; Armand Simonis, 60 shares; Henri Rigole, 100 shares; Achille Van In, 200 shares; Henri Ceulemans, 40 shares; Albert Marijnissen, 100 shares; Ernest Vander Laat, 100 shares; Florimond Sutens, 50 shares; Victor Bricourt-Mahieu, 100 shares; Mrs. widow Woot de Trixhe-Cartuyvels, 20 shares; Pierre Helleputte-Cartuyvels, 118 shares; Charles Kruyfhooft, 12 shares; Miss. Marie Streel-Grégoire, 28 shares ; Toussaint Béco, 20 shares ; Clément Cartuyvels, 52 shares ; Robert Museur, 115 shares ; Adelin Bouty, 40 shares ; Eugène Pruvot, 12 shares; Alphonse Huybrechs, 40 shares; Albert Moors, 5 shares; Charles Marlier, 32 shares; Miss. Aline Duray, 48 shares; Léon Walbrey, 32 shares; Jules Carpentier, 24 shares; Alphonse Bailleux, 40 shares; Joseph Carton, 40 shares; Octave Godart, 40 shares; Léon Bastin, 32 shares; Sylvain Harpigny, 24 shares; Georges Croquet, 40 shares; Alexandre Duray, 152 shares; Emile Remy, 60 shares; Alfred Blampain, 48 shares; Fernand Dequenne, 20 shares; Louis Lefébure, 12 shares; Léon Vanden Perre, 200 shares; Nicolas Ernst, 12 shares; Fernand Engels, 8 shares; Pierre Pierret, 100 shares; Georges Sury, 50 shares; Paul Noblet, 50 shares; Alfred Wendelen, 250 shares; Alfred Reynaert, 300 shares; Gustave Grisar, 450 shares; Edmond Kuhnen, 200 shares; Jacques Chabry, 50 shares; Ernest Felsenhart, 50 shares; Emile Storms, 100 shares; Alexandre Smal, 50 shares; Victor Chauveaux, 20 shares; Albert Delepeleire, 250 shares; Jules Solm, 450 shares.


The Board was authorized to increase the capital to BEF 1 million.

In addition, 5,000 profit-sharing shares without designation of value were created and distributed, according to an agreement, one part to the subscribers and the other part to the contributors and founders of the business (12-(09/04/1911)-2178).


The purpose of the Company was to import and export to all countries, especially to the Belgian Congo, and especially to the Katanga region, to establish shops and hotels there; to deal with industry.

It could be engaged in all real estate, land, trade, finance, industry, agriculture, forestry, research, and mining operations, either directly or indirectly, by taking an interest in other companies in any way.

It could acquire and construct real estate necessary and useful for its trade and industry or obtain the use and operation thereof by way of lease, concession or otherwise.

It could merge with other companies or enterprises and create subsidiaries (12-(09/04/1911)-2178).

Change in capital, dividend

The extract from the RF of 1914 on page 457 states that the capital has been increased to 598,300 francs and that it is represented by 5,983 shares of 100 francs each. It also states that an initial dividend of BEF 2.56 was paid for the 1911-12 financial year. The same extract indicates that the financial year 1912-13 showed a loss of more than 60,000 francs (21-)1914 T2)-457).

Dissolution and liquidation

The EGM of December 4, 1919, noted that the loss exceeded ¾ of the capital and that consequently the dissolution of the Company was necessary. By a unanimous vote, the early dissolution of the Company was pronounced, and two liquidators were appointed (12-24/12/1919)-11313).


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