Anciens Etablissements PATTYN Frères et Cie - PATTYNCO S.C.R.L.




The Pattynco Society "Anciens Etablissements Pattyn Frères et Cie" was founded on May 16, 1928. This Company was the successor to the Partnership Pattyn Frères et Joseph Mille, incorporated under private seal on August 15, 1925 and dissolved on May 16, 1928. The head office was established in Elisabethville and the administrative office was in Thielt. The originally fixed capital of 4 million Belgian francs was represented by 8,000 shares with a capital of 500 BEF. In addition, 8,000 founder's shares without designation of value were created (1).

Mrs. Joseph Pattyn and Joseph Mille, appointed as liquidators of the Partnership Pattyn Frères et Joseph Mille declared that all the assets of the Partnership Pattyn Frères et Joseph Mille, as shown on the balance sheet and an inventory drawn up on January 1, 1928, had been contributed to the new company.

Mr. Alfred Pattyn also contributed a plot of land located on the Avenue du Kasaï, in Elisabethville, with a surface area of 690.82 m², as well as all the buildings erected, in particular a store with outbuildings of domestic servants' houses and latrines, all in brick and covered with sheet metal.

In remuneration of these contributions, Mrs. Joseph Pattyn and Joseph Mille acting as liquidators of the general partnership and Mr. Joseph Pattyn, acting in his capacity as agent for Mr. Albert Pattyn, were granted all the founder's shares, as well as 2,400 shares of capital which they distributed among themselves. The remaining 5,600 capital shares were subscribed for by Mrs. :

  1. Joseph Muylle and Joseph Schramme, both in their personal name and for a group, 3,150 shares
  2. Emille Janssens, 200 shares
  3. Victor-Jean Petita, 16 shares
  4. Joseph Pattyn and Joseph Mille, both on their own behalf and on behalf of a group, 2154 shares

A total of 5,600 fully paid-up shares (12-(16-17/07/1928)-10469).

First Board of Directors

The Assembly decided to appoint four commissioners; Mrs. Joseph Jonckeere, Baron Henry de Crombrugghe de Looringhe, Andre Pattyn and Victor-Jean Petita and to designate Mr. Joseph Muylle as Chairman of the Board (12-(16-17/07/1928)-10469).


The purpose of the Company was the import and export trade in all its forms in the colony of Belgian Congo, the neighboring colonies and territories under mandate. It could carry out any transactions of any nature whatsoever to promote the development of its business, which are directly or indirectly related to its corporate purpose.

It could take an interest by way of contribution, transfer, subscription, participation, purchase of shares or other securities or by any means in companies or commercial enterprises where the industry would be similar to its own or would be likely to promote or develop one or other of its branches of the corporate objects.

Consequently, she could therefore conclude all purchases, sale, rental, movable or immovable property contracts and, in general, carry out any transactions whatsoever with a view to achieving its corporate purpose (1).

Dissolution and closure of liquidation

The Company was dissolved and put into liquidation on February 11, 1938, the closing was published in the Official Gazette on January 28, 1943.


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