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Société Industrielle Katangaise pour l'Exploitation Forestière de Culture et d'Elevage - SINKAFOR S.C.A.R.L.






The S.C.A.R.L. Société Industrielle Katangaise pour l'Exploitation Forestière de Culture et d'Elevage "Sinkafor" was established on February 15, 1928; the registered office was established in Bukama and the administrative headquarters in Brussels. The share capital was fixed at 2,500,000 francs and represented by 5,000 shares with a capital of 500 francs. In addition, 5,000 dividend shares were created. 

The 5,000 capital shares were subscribed by: 

Mr. Vincent Diericx for himself and a group, 300 shares; Mr. Leopold Cromphaut for himself and a group, 400 shares; Mr. Auguste Agasse for himself and a group, 1,500 shares; Mr. Franz De Savoye, 50 shares; Mr. Franz Van Cauwenberge, 50 shares; Mr. Armand Labarbe, 200 shares; Mr. Fernand Mousty, 100 shares; Mr Franz Moens, 100 shares; Mr Fernand Despretz for himself and a group, 1,150 shares; Mr. Gustave d'Olne for himself and a group, 730 shares; Mr. Pirsch, 20 shares; Baron Dhanis, 150 shares; Mr. Lefebvre, 75 shares; Mr. De Waegeneer, 75 shares. 

The shares were paid up by 20% and a sum of 500,000 francs was made available to the new Company. 

As regards the dividend shares, 2,500 shares were distributed among the first subscribers based on one dividend share for every two shares subscribed. The remaining 2,500 shares were allocated to Mr. Despretz as remuneration for his efforts, studies, and expenses in connection with the incorporation of the Company.

First Board of Directors

The number of directors was set at eight members and three commissioners: 

Directors: Vincent Diericx, Auguste Agasse, Fernand Despretz, Gustave d'Olne, Achille Schotte, Franz Moens, Léopold Cromphaut, Paul De Waegeneer.
Commissioners: Baron Dhanis, Fernand Mousty, Eugène Pirsch.


Logging and farming in the broadest sense. They include the various aspects and phases of such operations, including the processing and use of the harvested products on site, the installation of factories, including tanneries, sales and purchasing counters, farms, and the rearing of indigenous or imported animals.
Is also to encourage and facilitate the settlement of Belgian settlers in the Congo. To encourage and advise the natives for their own culture and breeding (12-(01-03-1928) -2191).

Changes in capital

On May 19, 1928, the General Meeting of Shareholders increased the capital by francs 2.5 million by creating 5,000 shares with a par value of francs 500. 

The new shares were subscribed by: 

Auguste Maes for himself and a group, 500 shares; Fernand Depretz for himself and a group, 2,400 shares; Ferdinand Soudant for himself and a group, 400 shares; Louis Mory, 200 shares; Emmanuel Putzeys for himself and a group, 300 shares; Prosper Vandendorpel, 200 shares; Richard Marius for himself and a group, 1,000 shares. 

These new shares were paid up by 20%, i.e. 500,000 francs paid in (12-(11/12/06-1928)-8815).

Dissolution and liquidation

On January 16, 1931, the Company was dissolved and put into liquidation (12-(29-01-1931)-911).

The Company was still in liquidation in 1942 (12-(29-05-1942) -8260). 

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