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The Société Brasserie de Stanleyville was incorporated on June 8, 1949, with a capital of 70 million Congolese francs, represented by 70,000 shares of capital without designation of value. The head office was established in Stanleyville and the administrative office in Brussels. 

Out of the 70.000 shares of capital 1.500 shares were allotted to the contributors described hereafter, the 68.500 others were subscribed by: 

Société Auxiliaire Industrielle et Financière des Grands Lacs Africains (Auxilacs), 5,000 shares; Mr. Alfred Dupont, both for himself and for a group, 6,000 shares; Mr. Valère Segard, both for himself and for a group, 3,000 shares; Société Brasserie Bavery, Edouard François et fils, 2,700 shares; Mr. Albert François, 2,700 shares; Mr. Jean-Désiré Bumiat, 400 shares; Mr. Henri Verbruggen, both for himself and for a group, 5,000 shares; Mr. l'Ecuyer Paul-M-J. Fontainas, 100 shares; Mr. René Laneau, both for himself and for a group, 2,000 shares; Société J. Carnu et fils, Malteries l'Epi-d'Or, 500 shares; Société La Royale Belge, 1,000 shares; Mr. Maurice Lefranc, 100 shares; Mr. Claude Wielemans, both for himself and for a group, 3,000 shares; the Company Belgika Comptoir Colonial, 2,500 shares; Compagnie Belge d'Assurances Générales sur la Vie, les Fonds dotaux et les Survivances, 1,000 shares; Etablissements Victor Catteau et Co, 1,000 shares; Mr. Edouard Van den Hove, both for himself and for a group, 2,000 shares; Mr. Adhémar Mullie, both for himself and for a group, 500 shares; the companies Banque de la Société Générale de Belgique and Banque Industrielle Belge (formerly Banque E.L.J. Empain) jointly, 30,000 shares. 

The subscribed shares were paid up with 200 Congolese francs and a sum of 13,700,000 Congolese francs was put at the disposal of the new Company (30-(1949 T2)- 1497 à 1512). 


Mr. René Laneau and Mr. Valère Segard contributed to the Company the technical and economic documentation for a brewery to be built in Stanleyville, including studies, plans, specifications, and manufacturing processes for tropical beers. In consideration of their contributions and assistance, Mr. René Laneau and Mr. Valère Segard were allotted 1,500 fully paid-up shares of capital (30-(1949 T2)- 1497 à 1512).

First Board of Directors 

The company was administered by a Board of Directors consisting of at least three members appointed by the General Assembly. For the first time the number of members of the Board was set at seven. The following were appointed as directors

Alfred Dupont, Albert François, René Laneau, Maurice Lefranc, Valère Segard, Henri Verbruggen, Claude-Prosper Wielemans (30-(1949 T2)- 1497 à 1512).


In Africa, and more specifically in the Belgian Congo, the creation and operation of breweries, malt houses, fermented or non-fermented beverage factories, distilleries, as well as the trade of all products and by-products of these industries, also the manufacture and trade of ice and the operation of refrigeration plants.

To be able, directly, or indirectly, to carry out all civil, commercial, industrial, real estate or agricultural operations, likely to facilitate the realization of the corporate purpose defined above, in the broadest sense

To be able to participate in any way in all existing or future companies whose activity is related in any way to its corporate purpose (30-(1949 T2)- 1497 à 1512).

Modification of the capital, event(s), participation(s), dividend(s), quotation, etc. 

From October 24 to November 5, 1949, the companies Banque de la Société Générale de Belgique and Banque Industrielle Belge (former Banque E.L.J. Empain) put up for public subscription, at the price of 1,070 francs, the 30,000 shares of Brasserie de Stanleyville, subscribed jointly (21-(1950 T4)- 3232).

On July 5, 1951, the Congolese Company Brasserie du Kasaï was constituted with a capital of 90 million Congolese francs represented by 90.000 shares. Of the 90,000 shares, 35,000 shares were subscribed jointly and fully paid up by the Société Générale de Belgique and the Banque Industrielle Belge. The 35,000 shares of Brasserie du Kasaï subscribed by the two banks were offered to the holders of the 70,000 shares of Brasserie de Stanleyville and could be acquired at the rate of one Brasserie du Kasaï share for two Brasserie de Stanleyville shares. The preferential right was exercised by the delivery of coupon n°1 of the shares of the Brasserie de Stanleyville (21-(1951 T2)- 2271). 

The first two years were the installation period. At the end of 1951, the brewery was inaugurated in the presence of the Governor of the Eastern Province (21-(1953 T3)- 2467) 

In 1952, the Banque de la Société Générale and the Banque Industrielle Belge offered for public subscription the 40,000 shares Brasserie du Bas-Congo (Bracongo) jointly subscribed at a price of 1,070 francs per share. These were offered to the holders of the shares of the Brasserie de Stanleyville and the Brasserie du Kasaï, as well as to the holders of the shares of the Brasserie de Haecht; on an irreducible basis, in the proportion of 1 share of the Brasserie du Bas-Congo for 7 shares of the Brasserie de Stanleyville (by remittance of coupon 2), Brasserie du Kasaï or Brasserie de Haecht; and on a reducible basis for the shares not absorbed by the exercise of the preferential right (21-(1952 T2)- 1442) 

For the years that followed, the Company continued to expand and made profits as shown in the tables below:

(21-(1960 T3)- 2350)

In 1956, when the S.C.R.L. Brasserie de Paulis was established (capital of 100 million represented by 100,000 shares), the Brasserie de Stanleyville contributed to the new company the studies made and the plans drawn up for the construction of a brewery inPaulisTown built in 1934 named after the Belgian officer Albert Paulis, now Isiro. In return for this contribution, the Brasserie de Stanleyville was allotted 1,000 fully paid-up shares of capital. The remaining 99,000 shares were subscribed for in cash by: Brasserie de Stanleyville, 59,030; Brasserie de Haecht, 22,000; Société Sarma-Congo, 8,000; Société Inco-Sarma, 9,340; the remaining 630 shares were subscribed by various comparands.

From June 3 to 19, 1957, the Brasserie de Stanleyville offered for sale by public subscription 17,500 shares of capital without designation of value of the Brewery of Paulis. These fully paid-up shares were offered to the holders of the 70,000 shares of the Brasserie de Stanleyville, who were able to subscribe on an irreducible basis at a price of 1,055 francs per share, 1 share of Brasserie de Paulis capital for 4 shares of Brasserie de Stanleyville capital (21-(1958 T3)- 2321).

Brasserie de Stanleyville Stock Price Table (21-(1960 T3)- 2350).

Merger, dissolution, and liquidation 

The extraordinary meeting of January 13, 1960 decided the merger of the four companies: Brasserie de Stanleyville, Brasserie du Kasaï, Brasserie du Bas-Congo and Brasserie de Paulis, by the constitution of a new Congolese Company by shares with limited liability under the name "Unibra", with a capital of 450 million francs, represented by 579,000 shares without nominal value.

Following this merger, the early dissolution and liquidation of the four above-mentioned companies were approved.

The holders of Brasserie de Stanleyviîle shares received 17 shares for every 4 shares of Brasserie de Stanleyville (21-(1960 T3)- 2348 à 50). 


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