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The Société de Mouture et de Panification au Congo was incorporated on May 4, 1899 with a capital of 60,000 francs represented by 120 shares of 500 francs. In addition, 60 founder's shares were created without any designation of value. The registered office and administrative headquarters were established in Brussels. 

The capital was subscribed by: 

Oscar De Clercq, 1 share; Florimont d'Or, 2 shares; Jean Fichefet, 14 shares; Georges Bonheur, 2 shares; Alexis Mols, 5 shares; Eugène Fichefet, 14 shares; Caisse Commerciale de Bruxelles, 5 shares; Arthur Fichefet, 14 shares; Nicolas Wychgel, 1 share; Jules Zone, 2 shares; Michel Fisch, 2 shares; Victor Van Volxem, 1 share; Jules Galasse, 5 shares; Louis Grenier, 10 shares; Felix Hecq, 1 share; Léon Ketels, 4 shares; Charles Lestgarens, 2 shares; Oscar Lootens, 2 shares; Théodore Masui, 15 shares; François Rens, 8 shares; Jules Paternotte, 1 share; Joseph Plas, 1 share; Myrtil Schleisinger, 2 shares; Léon Théodor, 1 share; Count Charles van der Burch, 1 share; Louis Lambrechts, 1 share. 

The shares were fully paid up. 

The founder's shares were allocated to Mr. Jean Fichefet, to be distributed among the shareholders, in accordance with a special agreement.

First Board of Directors 

The number of directors was set at four members:

Mr. Eugène Fichefet (Chairman), Mr. Jean Fichefet, Mr. Louis Grenier and Mr. Théodore Masui. 


Wheat and grain trade, milling and bread-making in Congo.

To carry out all operations directly or indirectly related to its purpose. To set up milling and bread-making facilities, acquire land, build all buildings and stores to be used for milling, bread-making and the wholesale or retail sale of bread in the Congo.

Also, to transfer part of its assets to individuals, companies, or public authorities; to take an interest in or merge with any similar business (12-(20-05-1899) -2460).

Change in capital, event(s) 

On November 13, 1900, the capital was increased by 140,000 francs through the creation of 280 shares of 500 francs each; in addition, 140 founder's shares without designation of value were created (21-(1908 T1)-558).


Counters in Boma, Luki, Lemba, were established in which she traded all goods imported into the Congo. It took care of the reception, handling, storage and forwarding for private individuals, of all goods arriving or leaving Africa. It set up a banking service which took care of collections and payments on behalf of third parties. (21-(1914 T1) -1606). 

The results of the first years were in deficit, the first positive result was for the financial year 1905-1906 when a dividend was paid to the shareholders, afterwards the company only made losses. 

Société des Plantations Coloniales "La Luki" held 140 shares and 70 founder's shares in the Société de Mouture et Panification au Congo (21-(1914 T1) -1606). 

Dissolution and liquidation

On May 26, 1914, the company was dissolved and put into liquidation (12-(10-06-1914)-5170). 

Two liquidation distributions were distributed to the holders of the capital shares by stamping the share, the first of 175 francs distributed in 1919, a second of 150 francs in 1920 (21-(1920 T1)-1407).


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