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Savonnerie Africaine S.A.






The Société Savonnerie Africaine was incorporated on April 5, 1900 with a capital of 150,000 francs represented by 1,500 shares with a capital of 100 francs, and 1,500 dividend shares. The head office was established in Wavre.

The capital was subscribed by : 

Eugène Dalimont, 100 shares; Jules Renkin, 10 shares; Joseph Strauss, 10 shares; Marie Vaulsamme, 12 shares; Charles Ralet, 16 shares; Léon Glibert, 30 shares; Joseph Richard, 10 shares; Victorine Brossart vve de Constant Lambeau, 10 shares; Jules Gossens-Beaufaux, 20 shares; Emile Charlier-Niset, 12 shares; Alfred Lambeau, 10 shares; Alfred Materne, 6 shares; Firmin Delongueville, 6 shares; Albert Dutilloeul, 20 shares; Henri Courtin, 6 shares; Baron Philippe de Negri, 10 shares; Fernand Lux, 12 shares; Paul Yanssens, 40 shares; Charles Plumat, 16 shares; Alfred Lemercier, 16 shares; John Bioul, 8 shares; Gaston Marneffe, 2 shares; Max Delrée, 2 shares; Edouard Van Iseghem, 2 shares; Lambert Larminier, 6 shares; Jules Bascourt-Delhaye, 10 shares; Léon Legrand, 20 shares; Auguste Bevernaege, 80 shares; Charles Alexis, 40 shares; Jules Bevernaege, 10 shares; Ernest Dufaux, 10 shares; Théodore Geominne-Maroy, 20 shares; Paul Van Zantwoorde, 10 shares; Ivan Alexis, 10 shares; Gustave Migou, 10 shares; Victor Dewilde, 6 shares; Etienne Lambeau, 10 shares; Louis Fortamps, 24 shares; Gustave Owal, 6 shares; Georges Fortamps, 40 shares; Georges-Henri-Jean-Gabriel-Aimé-Ghislain Crombez, 50 shares, Ghislain Dochem, 50 shares; Ernest Loumaye, 10 shares; Guillaume Jonet, 10 shares; Henri Thiry, 10 shares; Ernest Martin,115 shares; Edmond Steyaert, 25 shares; Georges Meeus, 20 shares; Arthur Bonmariage, 20 shares; Jacques Huyberechts, 10 shares; Jules Huyberechts, 10 shares; Jules Delfosse, 10 shares; Léon-Hubert-Marie Van Gameren, 70 shares; chevalier Théodore Moreau de Ballaing, 40 shares; Henri Masson, 10 shares; Edouard Mahy, 10 shares; chevalier Simon de Burbure, 10 shares; Emile De Vadder, 50 shares; Georges Neyt, 50 shares; Gédéon Bordiau, 50 shares; Jules Van Dorpe, 50 shares; Edouard Jacqmain, 40 shares; Polydore Richard, 70 shares; Gustave Stevens, 2 shares; Jean-Jacques Grunbaum, 10 shares. 

25% of the shares were paid up, i.e. a sum of 37,500 francs was made available to the new company. 

As regards the dividend shares, 750 shares were allocated to Mr. Eugène Dalimont as remuneration for his contribution hereafter, the other 750 were distributed as special benefits to the comparator subscribers.


Mr. Eugène Dalimont made a contribution to the company: 

1) His special knowledge of soap manufacturing; 
2) The benefit of his commercial relations in the Independent State of Congo; 
3) The right to acquire for the company the land necessary for its installations in Bas-Congo.

First Board of Directors 

The number of directors was set at five members: 

Messrs. Eugène Dalimont, Auguste Bevernaege, Georges Fortamps, Ernest Martin and Léon-Hubert-Marie Van Gameren.


The main purpose is the purchase and sale of oils, the manufacture of soaps in Africa, the trade and exploitation of these products in all their forms; 
To carry out all commercial or industrial operations, both in its own name and on behalf of third parties, to set up establishments wherever it finds it useful, both in Europe and in Africa or even in other parts of the world, for the purchase, sale or exchange of African or other products; 
Acquire establishments, merge, take an interest by way of contribution or by any other means in any other companies and enterprises (12 (23-24/04/1900)-2001).

Dissolution and liquidation

On July 25, 1903, following the loss of more than half of the share capital, the EGM decided to dissolve and liquidate the company (12(15/08/1903)-4121). 

The liquidation was closed on July 25, 1908 (12(13/08/1908)-4756). 

There were two liquidation distributions, the first on September 1, 1906 of 10 francs and the second on November 7, 1908 of 3.10 francs.


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