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The Société Exploitations Forestières & Agricoles du Lac Léopold II (E.F.A.) was incorporated on October 17, 1927 with a capital of 1,500,000 francs and represented by 15,000 shares with a capital of 100 francs; in addition, 1,500 founder's shares without designation of value were created. The registered office was established in Brussels. 

In remuneration of their contributions described below, 250 fully paid-up shares were allocated to Mr. Henry Brass and 250 fully paid-up shares to Mr. Lucien Pondichy; the remaining 14,500 capital shares were subscribed  by : 

François Danckaert, for himself and a group, 7,650 shares; Emile Danckaert, 250 shares; Edouard Danckaert, 250 shares; Jean Danckaert, 250 shares; Eugène Van Dooren, for himself and a group, 1,750 shares; Marie-Ferdinand-Joseph Count De Lambertye, 1. 000 shares; René Levy, for himself and a group, 850 shares; Cyrille De Houck, for himself and a group, 750 shares; Jules Leclercq, 500 shares; Marcel Ferond, for himself and a group, 500 shares; Henry Brass, 250 shares; Lucien Pondichy, 250 shares; Armand Mangin, 150 shares; Fernand Melin, 100 shares. 

50% of the shares subscribed were paid up. 

Founder's shares were allocated to the comparators at the rate of 1 founder's share for every 10 shares of capital.




Mr. Brass and Mr. Pondichy made contributions: a) the right of occupation which was conferred on them, to a land for industrial use, containing one hectare fifty ares, situated at InunuCity of the DRC located along the Mfimi River (Lake Leopold II), with the ownership of the buildings and constructions erected there, including the main dwelling house with outbuildings, in brick, workers' houses, shops, sheds, sheds; b) the benefit of a provisional occupation contract granted by the authorities of the colony of Belgian Congo, for a first block of 150 hectares of land adjoining the property described above, and the benefit of negotiations in progress, with the same authorities, for the occupation or leasing of another block of land adjoining the previous one, of about 350 hectares, intended for the possible extension of the first concession; c) their knowledge and experience in colonial matters, the results of their research, work, disbursements and negotiations with a view to the constitution of the present company.

First Board of Directors 

The first meeting set the number of directors at 11 members and 2 auditors: 

The board of directors was represented by: 

Emile Danckaert, Edouard Danckaert, François Danckaert, Jean Danckaert, Eugène Van Dooren, René Levy, Marcel Ferond, the Count of Lambertye, Cyrille De Houck, Henry Brass, Lucien Pondichy. Commissioners: Fernand Melin, Armand Mangin.


All commercial, industrial, financial, agricultural, forestry, movable and immovable operations and enterprises in the Belgian Congo;
The exploitation of forest land located on the shores of Lake Leopold II and the installation of a mechanical sawmill for the production of construction timber as well as the industrial use of wood ;
Cultivation of products best suited to the soil on cleared land;
To take an interest, by way of transfer, contribution, subscription, financial participation, in any companies or enterprises whose object is directly or indirectly related to its corporate object; To merge with them (12-(29/12/1927)-13003).



Changes in capital 

The EGM of November 16, 1928 decided to increase the capital by one million francs through the creation of 10,000 shares with a capital of 100 francs, the shares were subscribed by the shareholders: 

Emile Danckaert, 217 shares; François Danckaert, 5,610 shares; Edouard Danckaert, 255 shares; Jean Danckaert, 256 shares; Eugène Van Dooren, 1,284 shares; René Levy, 623 shares; Cyrille De Houck, 550 shares; Fernand Melin, 72 shares; the Count de Lambertye, 767 shares; Marcel Férond, 366 shares. 

Of the 10,000 shares subscribed, the subscribers paid a sum of 25 francs per share (12-(03-04/12/1928)-15665).

Dissolution and liquidation 

The EGM of November 23, 1932 decided to dissolve the Company early and to put it into liquidation (12-(12-13/12/1932)-15342).



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